Crown & Bridge

Monolithic Zirconia Crown & Bridge (TLZ)


Turnaround time: 7 working days  

TLZ is fast becoming the workhorse restoration of many practices. It provides a predictable, aesthetic and almost indestructible result and comes with a 5 year guarantees. 

All or our TLZ crowns and bridges are polished. This is unique to our industry as almost all other labs use glazing. Polished restorations are more aesthetic, translucent, hygienic, and more gentle on opposing natural detention. 

Tested at a flexural strength of 1100 MPa, our high-translucency monolithic formula is stronger than nearly all other restorative materials on the market. Another benefit of TLZ restorations is that the pucks are shaded, so if any adjustment needs to be made, the shade is stable. 

Quoris3D Recommendation: use for anterior, posterior, and implant-supported crowns and bridges