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Why Us

The advancement of 3D printing is set to change the face of dentistry forever. Faster, stronger and more cost-effective, it has the potential to put cutting edge dentistry within the reach of millions more people around the world.

As 3D becomes more mainstream, Quoris offers all the expertise clinicians need to move forward confidently into this new era. With a decade of 3D experience and more than 17 years of clinical practice under our belts, we believe we can revolutionise the way you commission and purchase bespoke orthodontics, prosthodontics, mouth guards and more.

Our dedicated team of 3D technicians has been working with the technology for over a decade, putting Quoris right at the cutting edge.

We use patented cDLM (Continuous Digital Light Manufacturing) from Envisiontec to transform conventional impressions and STL files from intraoral scans into supremely accurate, durable 3D objects. With more and more 21st century dental surgeries investing in intraoral scanning equipment, Quoris challenges the conventional laboratory model by enabling clients to upload files, order and pay with all the convenience of any online shopping transaction.