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Quoris3D FAQ

Patient Records

How do i place an Order?

To place an order, First select from the homepage whether you’re starting from a conventional or digital impression,

Next, simply add your desired product to the basket, and follow the instructions in the Cart to process your order.

  • With a Digital Case, you will be prompted to upload the appropriate .STL, .OBJ or .DICOM file.
  • With Conventional Cases, you will receive a free-post label to send us your Models for our Technicians to digitise.


Can I order multiple items at once?

Yes, Quoris3D allows you to purchase more than one quantity or type of item, however different cases must be handled separately.

How long does printing take?

Once an order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email with the order details, next, your file will be assessed by one of our technicians, once approved, we will manufacture your product(s) and hold them to the highest quality control standards before dispatching to you.

What scan data is supported?

Quoris3D supports .STL .OBJ and .DICOM file types up to 600MB in size. To upload your file, select the digital impression route from our homepage. For the most predictable results, we recommend you consult your scanners operational guide.

How do i upload a Dicom File?

To upload a Dicom file, first .zip the patients records in their containing folder, then upload the .zip archive to the website.



When will i know if my STL or OBJ file is valid?

Orders placed before 1pm should be responded to the same day, in all other cases, We will contact you within one business day to confirm that the order is able to proceed or to advise you on why we have not been able to accept the scan data.

Why was my order not accepted?

To maintain the highest product standards and to ensure patient safety, we require that all scans are checked by our experts.

There are a number of reasons why a scan may not be accepted, these include:

  • • Model may not be able to be made watertight
  • • Excessive or problematic holes in key areas of the file
  • • Insufficient detail for print
  • • Excessive erroneous scanning artifacts

for best results we recommend consulting your scanners operational guidelines.

How long does printing take?

Quoris 3D aims to provide a turnaround time of less than 4 days

I dont have a scanner, can i still place an order?

Yes, we can digitise conventional alginate and silicone impressions, we can also digitise existing study models. Simply click on the traditional impression and proceed to cart to see how to send us your impressions.

Where is the impression collection service available?

We are in the process of rolling out an ever growing collection area, currently the service is available in the Fermanagh Area.

What printers do you use?

Quoris 3D has a suite of 3D printers available manaufactured by Envisiontec and Formlabs

What Resins do you use?

The Resin used is dependent on product, However we exclusively use printer manufacturer recommended resins.

What scanners do you use?

Quoris3D uses the medit e500 and the DoF Freedom UHD to digitise their impressions with the greatest accuracy, we also recommend the Medit i500 intra-oral scanner for use in dental practices.

How to contact us?

Visit your contact page to see all our contact info.

Can i get hands on with Scanners or Printers?

To get hands on with scanners and printers Subscribe to the Quoris3D newsletter to be informed of our next upcoming convention. Alternatively contact us to arrange a demonstration in your practice.