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Chrome Surgery Package

Chrome Surgery Package


This package is the next step along the ‘CHROME’ option list. Here full surgical planning, production of surgical guides including bone reduction, implant placement and prosthetic conversion are all included. Please note; RAPID Appliance does not come with this package, only one temporary prosthetic. If you wish to have a package which includes RAPID appliance and Final restoration, you can avail of the Chrome Surgery Plus package here.

What is a rapid appliance? (i) – The RAPID Appliance serves multiple strategic functions. Just like the surgical long-term temp is picked up on the day of surgery, the RAPID is also picked up on a second set of temporary cylinders. It is held until the time of final prosthetic conversion. At that time, it is seated, equilibrated, relined, and sent to Quoris3D with the opposing and a bite registration. From this record, Quoris3D can produce the final restoration. There is no simpler method of converting to final.

Need help exporting your DICOM file?  Follow our step-by-step guide – click here.

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