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Chrome Natural Package

Chrome Natural Package


FP1 prosthetics can be delivered with CHROME, for patients who present with gummy smiles. The goal is to not to take away excessive amounts of bone in order to raise the smile line, rather, to deliver a beautiful FP1 type bridge that meets the tissue, without pink, with minimal bone augmentation. CHROME Natural was developed for this situation.

CHROME Natural is a part of the CHROME family of products. CHROME Natural follows the same beginning as standard CHROME cases, Pin Guide, Fixation Base and Osteotomy Guide. Then, a special scalloped guide aids with the visualization and contouring of the alveoli’s reduction to create socketing for the tissue and prosthetic.
The prosthetic is delivered during surgery and then converted in several months using a duplicate RAPID appliance that was picked up during surgery.

What is a rapid appliance? (i) – The RAPID Appliance serves multiple strategic functions. Just like the surgical long-term temp is picked up on the day of surgery, the RAPID is also picked up on a second set of temporary cylinders. It is held until the time of final prosthetic conversion. At that time, it is seated, equilibrated, relined, and sent to Quoris3D with the opposing and a bite registration. From this record, Quoris3D can produce the final restoration. There is no simpler method of converting to final.

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