The Essential Tool for Confirming Bite Alignment

JC Try-In

Achieve Perfect Bite Alignment with the JC Try-In by Quoris3D

Introducing Our JC Try-In: Unmatched Precision and Confirmation for Bite Alignment

The JC Try-In, a digitally designed and printed dental tool, plays a crucial role in confirming the patient's bite alignment. It serves as a flipper-like device, specifically designed to address certain dental scenarios where bite confirmation is essential. Here's when the JC Try-In is typically utilized:

When JC Try-In is used

  1. Opening Closed Bite: In cases where a closed bite needs to be opened for the procedure, exceeding the recommended limitation of the articulator (usually more than 3 mm).
  2. Determining Vertical and Centric Stops: When patients present with limited or no centric stops, and it becomes necessary to establish and confirm the correct vertical dimension.

Records needed

  1. Master Casts: Accurate replicas of the patient's teeth, obtained through traditional PVS impressions or digital impressions.
  2. Bite Registration: An impression capturing the patient's bite alignment.
  3. Retracted Photographs: High-quality images capturing the patient's bite from various angles, including centric (normal bite), left, right, and straight on.

How to use

  1. Seat the JC Try-In(s) in the patient's mouth, ensuring proper fit and alignment.
  2. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure a full and accurate seating of the JC Try-In.
  3. Equilibrate the bite until it reaches perfection, ensuring all occlusal contacts are harmonious.
  4. Capture a new bite registration, documenting the ideal bite alignment achieved with the JC Try-In.
  5. Send the case back to Quoris 3D, where our experts will re-articulate and proceed with the treatment plan based on the newly established bite position.

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The JC Try-In revolutionizes the process of confirming bite alignment and enables precise adjustments before finalizing the treatment plan. It offers a reliable and efficient solution to ensure optimal bite functionality and patient satisfaction.

Trust Quoris3D's JC Try-In to provide unmatched precision and confirmation for bite alignment. Invest in a digital solution that streamlines the treatment process and delivers exceptional results. Contact us today to experience the transformative power of the JC Try-In by Quoris3D.

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