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Embrace the Future: Introducing 3D Printed Dentures by Quoris 3D

Revolutionize Denture Production with Quoris 3D's Cutting-Edge Technology

Quoris 3D brings you the revolutionary technology of 3D printed dentures. These dentures are created using state-of-the-art 3D printing techniques, allowing for precise and efficient production. The base and teeth of the dentures can be fully or partially printed using a 3D printer, offering flexibility and customization options.

Simplify Replacements: Easily Replaceable 3D Printed Dentures

Quoris 3D is committed to delivering high-quality dentures that meet the highest standards. Our 3D printed dentures exhibit exceptional accuracy, premium aesthetics, and impressive durability. The materials we use come in a wide range of shades and offer enhanced physical properties, such as color stability and high impact fracture resistance. Experience the excellence of digital dentures that have been well-received by both doctors and patients.

Embrace the efficiency of 3D printing technology and streamline your denture production workflow. With Quoris 3D, you can significantly reduce the need for highly skilled artisans, who are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Unlike traditional fabrication methods that require extensive manual labor, 3D printed dentures are simpler to produce and require less time and effort. This allows your technicians to increase productivity and produce more dentures in less time, eliminating the need for additional skilled technicians as you grow.

Step into the Digital Era: Transform Your Removables Department with Quoris 3D's 3D Dentures

Experience an enhanced denture fitting process with Quoris 3D's digital workflows. By eliminating the need for stone and wax used in traditional methods, we eliminate copy errors and ensure a better fit and greater comfort for patients. Our streamlined process enables clinicians to take a standard impression and bite registration, which is then digitized at our lab. For even better accuracy, clinicians can use the patient's existing denture as a custom tray to take a highly accurate VPS impression. The digital design of the new denture is created using denture CAD software and then 3D printed. Compared to traditional dentures that require multiple appointments, our 3D printed dentures can be ready to wear in as few as two appointments, reducing both time and hassle for patients.

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