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Export DICOM Protocol

You must export the following to provide DICOM for CT Planning – Folder with uncompressed, multi-file, DICOM, .03mm or .04mm slices (not all systems allow options. Generally .02 and .01 results in too many files to upload). Watch the below videos to help export on some popular systems.


Steps to export:

  1. Export into a folder on the desktop (must be a folder with 100+ .dcm files)
  2. Right-click on the folder, rename the patient’s name
  3. Right-click again and click “send to compressed zipped folder” for upload
  4. If uploading scan appliance and patient scan, place both in the same folder and zip
  5. This is what you will browse for when uploading on our product pages
  6. Follow the below video links for your system for more help!


CBCT Systems:

(Click to view the relevant video)